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Western Carolinas February Meeting

Thursday, February 16th

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Ryan Steed (UNC-Asheville)

Time:  Dinner at 6:00 pm; Talk at 7:00 pm

 Location: Converse University, Phifer Science Hall

DirectionsHERE is a campus map for Converse University. Park in Montgomery Lot (#39 on the map) and walk over to Phifer Science Hall (#20). Dinner will be served on the second floor lobby, so walk up the staircase and follow the savory aroma.

Topic: Making and Breaking an Essential Biomolecular Machine

At the crux of aerobic cellular metabolism is the oxidative phosphorylation system, which culminates in the synthesis of ATP from ADP and phosphate by the F1Fo ATP synthase complex.  This complex uses the electrochemical potential across a membrane to drive the thermodynamically uphill synthesis reaction, and it is one of the few examples of rotary motion in biochemistry.  Undergraduate students of the Steed Lab are seeking to understand how ion movement drives rotation in the membrane-embedded Fo motor with a particular focus on probing the interactions between rotor and stator components. Additionally, this rotor-stator interface is a promising target for inhibiting the ATP synthases of pathogenic bacteria.  In this talk, I will highlight recent biochemical work on understanding how the Fo motor is constructed and how it can be disrupted by antimicrobials.

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Contact our current Chair David Stolze or our Secretary Zach Davis.

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